Choreography: Ted Shawn

Music: Erich Korngold “Mein Sehnen, Mein Wähnen”

played by Jess Meeker

Performed by Adam H Weinert at MoMA on October 18th, 2013

Videography by Philippe Tremblay-Berberri

Rehearsal Director: Logan Kruger

Repertory Consultant: Norton Owen

Wardobe Consultant: Terese Wadden


This solo was originally conceptualized for Charles Weidnman in 1921, but this stronger, sadder character emerged as the solo was redeveloped for Barton Mumaw in 1931.  


Libretto loosely translates as

“My Longing, my dreaming, reach into the past

Dancing means happiness, found and lost,

Want and need, love and hate

Such is a dancer’s fate.

My longing, my dreaming, reach into the past

Again… again… again….”