Below are step-by-step instructions for how to access and interact with the installation

You will need:

  • A fully-charged smartphone, tablet computer, or other mobile device

  • Headphones (optional)

  • A print-out of these directions (optional)

  • The Dance-Tech Augmented Reality App. To download the app, follow this link here for iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or this link here for android devices. 

You can also use the QR codes found next to this text: 

Enter the Museum of Modern Art located at 11 West 53rd street. Your experience will begin in the Gund Lobby on the ground floor of the museum facing the large glass windows leading to the sculpture garden.  Connect to the free wifi (Network name: MoMA WiFi).  Turn to face the wall on your left and locate the text which reads "The Agnes Gund Garden Lobby".  Open the Dance-Tech app and get close enough to the text so that you can frame the viewfinder of the app to match the photo below as closely as possible.  Content will immediately begin to load.

Now make your way up the main stairwell towards the Marron Atrium and stop when you see this wall text on your left.  Through the app, a video will emerge.  Remember to frame your viewfinder to match the photo as seen here.  

When this is complete, turn to your left and head towards the escalators.  Each landing of the escalator holds archival footage of Ted Shawn performing each of the Four Solos Based on American Folk Music.  Simply frame your phone around the numbers mounted on the wall at the top or bottom of floors 2, 3, 4 and 5.  See the example here:


You can double-tap on any video to learn more about that particular solo.  Once you have seen all four solos located on floors 2, 3, 4 and 5, you can proceed to Gallery #14 on the 5th Floor.  Here you will find my re-performance of Patriotic Song (1931).  Simply frame your phone around the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner painting Street, Dresden (1908):

On your way out, make sure to take a Floor Plan and Guide, as each floor on the map is embedded with a re-performance.  Unlike the other aspects of this installation, you can take this home with you.  You can also view the map online to the same effect.  

*Special addition for WITHOUT CONSENT:

The thumbnails on the side of the screen give you hints as the the locations of public contributions to the installation.  You can also view those videos here.  Want to add your own?  Click here.












On your way out, stop by the sculpture garden to observe excerpts of Ted Shawn’s warm-up exercises - typically performed outside.  You can view them by framing your viewfinder on the garden plaque seen below.  

Thank you for participating